Our sugar meets all international standard requirements, and can be exported to any country in the world. We are engaged in offering high grade Sugar at low prices to allow wholesalers and companies make reasonable profit by doing business with us.
Our CUMSA 45 is from one of top sugar manufacturer in Thailand. The sugar is highly refined and can be easily recognized by its distinctive sparkling white color and pure sucrose taste. All we need from you is to try our service once to become a permanent customer.

Polarization: 99.80 degree min
Ash Content: 0.04% max
Moisture: 0.04% max
Granulation: Fine
100% Soluble
Shipped Dry and Free Flowing
Radiation: Normal certified, without presence of Cesium and Iodine
Color: Sparking White ICUMSA 45
Smell: Free from unusual or abnormal smells
Magnetic Particles: MG/kg 4
So2: MG/kg 20

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